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Our Services
HVAC Systems
HVAC Systems

MEC offers complete design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of all types of HVAC work:

1. Centralized cooling system.
2. DX-Cooling system.
3. VRV System.
4. Smoke Extract and pressurization system.
5. Ducting and chilled water piping.
6. Centralized or individual ventilation / exhausts.

Plumbing Services
Plumbing Services

MEC supplies and installs:

1. All type of drainage pipes: PVC, cast iron, HDPE, Polypropylene.
2. All type of water pipes: steel, coppers, pex-Al –pex-PPR, stainless steel.
3. Pumps: Booster sets, submersible pumps, irrigation pump, circulations.
4. Sanitary fixtures and mixers.

Under-Floor Heating
Under-Floor Heating

MEC supplies and installs all items needed for UFH systems.

1. Boilers and burners.
2. Under- tiles piping.
3. Under- tiles thermal insulation.
4. Manifolds with actuators.
5. Mixing group.
6. Heat Exchanger.
7. All needed controls.

Solar Energy Systems
Solar Energy Systems

MEC supplies and installs:

1. Solar panels with capturing surface highly selective pleated (TINOX).
2. Hot water storage tanks, single coil, Double coil with electrical resistance backup.
3. One way solar group complete with pump, controller, sensor.

Water Treatment / Filtration Stations
Water Treatment / Filtration Stations

MEC supplies and installs:

1. Softener.
2. Sand filter and carbon filter.
3. Dosing pump.
4. Ro.
5. Sewage treatment station.

Fire Fighting Systems
Fire Fighting Systems

MEC supplies and installs:

1. Fire fighting pumps.
2. Sprinkler system.
3. All needed control.
4. Fire hose reel and cabinets.


 MEC supplies and  installs Gas systems for residential and industrial buildings:
1. Gas tanks and cylinders.
2. Gas detection system.
3. Gas water heaters.
4. All copper piping.
5. All needed controls.

Fuel Systems

MEC supplies installs:

1. Underground fuel tanks.
2. Daily fuel tanks.
3. Fuel pump.
4. All level switch.
5. Fuel detection system.
6. Filters and water separators.

Home Automation
Home Automation

 MEC supplies and installs all devices, sensors, and control panels to control your home and to save energy.

Steam System
Steam System

 MEC supplies and installs all steam systems:
1. Steam boilers with all related tanks
2. Steam piping
3. Steam humidifier

Maintenance of Mechanical Systems
Maintenance of Mechanical Systems

MEC provides maintenance to all mechanical equipment:

1. Chillers.
2. Pumps.
3. Boiler.
4. Fans.
5. DX units.
6. Steam and water boiler.
7. Water treatment stations.

Testing and Balancing Mechanical Systems
Testing and Balancing Mechanical Systems

MEC uses a wide range of testing and measuring instruments:

1. Temperature meters.
2. Pressure meters.
3. Relative humidity.
4. Co2 percentage.
5. Air flow meter.
6. Sound meter.

Irrigation Systems
Irrigation Systems

MEC supplies and installs the highest quality automatic irrigation systems that allow you to control your irrigation system and allow it to function automatically giving you the flexibility you need .

Humidification Systems
Humidification Systems

MEC supplies and installs the highest quality humidification systems for a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Central Vacuum Systems
Central Vacuum Systems

MEC supplies and installs the highest quality central vacuum systems.

Electrical Contracting
Electrical Contracting

Electrical Contracting:

1. Supply and installation of Lighting Systems.
2. High Current Systems.
3. Earthing Systems and Lightening Protection.
4. Generator Sets and Transformers.
5. Cable Trays.
6. Control Panels.
7. Low Current Systems.
8. CCTV Systems.
9. Telephone Systems.
10. BMS Systems.

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Duct Factory
Duct Factory


M.E.C formed the ADF Duct Factory n November 2010 as an independent yet complementary factory. The factory has an installed capacity of 2,000 sq.ft. of HVAC ductwork per day. It offers a complete line of ducting products and services that comply with international standards such as SMACNA and includes  raw materials ranging from galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel and pre insulated duct.

Design and Consultancy

ADF's mechanical engineers conduct services from the initial survey to the production of plans and specifications, to design in order to suit any particular site and application.
We also work with the owners and other contractors to come up with seamless turnkey solutions to their HVAC requirements.

ADF Products:


  • Standard Rectangular HVAC Ducts  and Fittings
  • Round ducts and Fittings
  • Special Ductwork for airtight requirements
  • Silencers
  • Fire-rated Ducts
  • Volume Control Dampers
  • VAV Units
  • Air Filters
  • Plenum Boxes
  • Sand Trap Louvers